Practical Fire Safety Tips

You can protect yourself from fires by taking a few simple precautions now. Tick the items in the following list to indicate your preparedness for a rural fire.

Around the Home

  • Avoid all outdoor activities that generate heat or sparks.
  • Clear a 10 to 30-metre space around houses and outbuildings.
  • Keep firewood stocked away from building
  • Clean rain gutters and downspouts. Remove dead plants and debris from sections.
  • Cut lawns and paddocks around buildings, and water to keep green where permitted.
  • Connect a garden hose for immediate use.
  • Signpost water supplies and provide clear access routes.
  • Prepare a home inventory, and collect important documents in a safe place.
  • Make an escape plan.
  • Evacuate immediately if instructed by authorities.

On holiday:

  • Trampers hunters, fishers and other holiday-makers should take care with fire and gas cookers. Back country users should be self-sufficient, carrying personal cooking equipment.
  • Cookers should be operated in a well-ventilated area and well clear of vegetation that could easily catch alight.

On the farm or lifestyle block:

  • Obtain a fire permit, if required, and notify your fire authority of your intention to burn
  • Ensure emergency vehicles have access to your house and out-buildings
  • Have an adequate water supply for fire fighting within easy access
  • Maintain machinery properly and use with care in dry conditions (in particular mowers, hay-making equipment and chainsaws). Check for birds nests in machinery before operating.
  • Have adequate fire insurance including public liability and fire suppression cover.
  • Keep trees and branches well clear of power lines.


Prevent rural fires on your property

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Practical tips on Rural Fire Prevention

Practical tips on Rural Fire Prevention

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